Author: Claire Spahr

This Week in Wheat Ridge Real Estate 4.5.19

Hi folks, Claire here. I took a couple of weeks off of blogging to file taxes and hang out with my kiddo during spring break. The break was magnificent, we had family movie nights and hung around the house in our pajammies and had an overall great time. But man […]


Blood Donors Urgently Needed

According to, blood donors are urgently needed. You don’t need a blood drive to donate, you can donate right here in Wheat Ridge any time at Lutheran Medical Center. Click here to register as a donor.


This Week in Wheat Ridge Real Estate 3.15.19

Hi folks, Claire here. As of the time of this post (Friday morning), There have been 5 properties listed in Wheat Ridge since last week’s post, 2 of which are currently under contract already! I’m guessing that there was a slight drop in listings this week because of the infamous […]